In The Bag Corporate Cuisine
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Lunch with laughter and life lessons


Customers tell us we deliver so much more than the best lunch in town:

"People look forward to your lunches. You canít say that about pizza."

"You brighten my day. ITB drivers are happy, positive and respectful; food for my soul."

"The Thought for the Day cards get people talking. They often make you realize how lucky you are, and put things in perspective. Not a bad thing at a business meeting."

"The ducks and toys! Iíve seen them turn a dull meeting into a party and get people to relax and cooperate. You canít be grumpy with a rubber duck staring at you."

Giving the little gift bags to people is such a small thing with such amazing results. Everyone becomes a kid again. Playing a little at work and saying, "Thanks. Youíre great!" with unexpected gifts just makes work better.

We are so grateful for your business and friendship. Thank you!