In The Bag Corporate Cuisine

A la Carte Sides

Add to any hot buffet. Minimum of 15 servings per item.

Traditional Baked Beans

$1.25/per person

Fully Loaded Baked Beans Our traditional baked beans with these additions: pineapple, bacon, kielbasa, bold spices and extra thick sauce.

$1.75/per person

Cheesy Potatoes

$2.35/per person


$1.40/per person

Mixed Vegetables

$1.75/per person

Cornbread Muffins Our homemade mix is embellished with colby jack, green chilies and corn kernels.

$1.50/per person

Herbed Mashed Potatoes Homemade using buttery Yukon Golds, mashed with sour cream, herbs and bacon.

$1.35/per person

Rosemary Roasted Yukon Potatoes

$1.35/per person

Scalloped Corn

$2.25/per person

Cornbread Stuffing

$2.00/per person

Wild Rice

$1.25/per person

Mashed Potatoes

$1.25/per person

Tossed green salad

$2.30/per person

Potato Salad

$2.75/per person

Broccoli Salad

$2.75/per person

Pasta Salad

$2.30/per person


$1.25/per person

Artisan Dinner Rolls with Butter

$0.50/per person

Individual Brownie

$1.00/per person