In The Bag Corporate Cuisine


How many people does a tray serve?
Small serves 12-14 (Just a few)
Medium serves 20 (Just A 'Nuf)
Large serves 25 (Just a crowd)

Fruit & Cheese Platter An assortment of imported and domestic cheeses, garnished with seasonal fruits. Served with an assortment of crackers.

Vegetable Platter A bountiful platter of seasonal fresh vegetables and ranch dip. May include broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and celery.

Fresh Fruit Platter Enjoy a delicious selection of fresh seasonal fruit. A perfect starter for morning staff meetings or as a complement to a buffet.

Ready-to-Eat Wrap Tray Choose any three different fillings for the flour tortilla wraps and we'll assemble a tray of them, already cut in half for easy munching. We'll add chips, and a cookie and brownie tray.

Trio of Pinwheels Flour tortillas are rolled around three different fillings, then cut into bite-size sandwiches. Each order includes a mix of a roast beef with Colby Jack cheese, turkey with cream cheese, and Mike's "Crunch with a Punch" Chicken. Three pieces per person.

Ready-to-Eat Sandwich Tray No. 1 Best Seller! All your favorites, quick and simple. This tray includes a variety of our most popular sandwiches (ham, turkey, roast beef) - fresh, delicious and ready-to-eat. We complete the lunch with chips, condiments and our famous cookie and brownie tray.

Meat And Cheese Platter An abundance of the finest deli meats and cheeses piled high on a bed of lettuce. Comes with chips, artisan rolls, and condiments.

Gourmet Side Salad Choose any gourmet salad and order a bowl generous enough to serve everyone at your function.

Mini Sandwiches on Artisan Rolls Assorted rolls filled with turkey and provolone, ham and swiss, and roast beef with cheddar. Served with assorted spreads. One and a half per person.

Pick Your Own Sandwich Tray Pick your three favorite gourmet sandwiches for your platter. Comes with chips, condiments, and a cookie and brownie tray.

Relish Tray An assortment of your favorite savory pickled and marinated items.